Thursday, December 3, 2009

Well, while I'm updating this thing I might as well let everyone know that I just finished my 3rd semester of Nursing today and have almost two months off to do absolutely nothing! Well, I guess I have to work but I definitley have no studying which will be amazing. Willy and I are doing awesome and are looking forward to Christmas.
My little sister Kalla got a hold of him and put a freakin bow in his hair. Poor guy :(

Meet the new edition to our family-Pono Chong! We got him about two months ago (I just suck at this whole blogging thing) and he has been so much fun. I'm so happy we found him-thank you Craigslist! lol

Willy and I at the Padres baseball game out in San Diego, CA during our second honeymoon! It was a blast and we had the best hot dogs and nachos ever! I'm not a baseball fan but I'm ready to go to another one for sure!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Willy and I horseback riding up on Beaver mountain. It was a blast except our butts were sore for the next week!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Here are some photos from Lake Powell with Oz, Dayna, Chase, and Alex! It was a blast! Notice the head band Willy had to borrow from Alex to keep all that hair out of his

I think his tractors sexyyyyy! It really turns me on...... ha ha well chips tractor i guess. What a stud though right? And he's all mine!

Girls trip to Vegas! It was so much fun and definitely needed ha ha

We got pulled over right after we took this photo. Who knew the cop was right behind us! I guess he suspected something going on.....good thing he didn't show up a few min. before ;)

Boomer and Willy sleeping after a long days work. See Lynn he's still alive! (She was worried about him after she left him with us to babysit)

Our little niece Jane! She is so adorable and fun to play with. Tiff... bring her down more!

My sister Kalla, brother Cody, and me all dreading the time to come for him to leave.... he has grown up so much in the past year I can't believe it. I am so proud of him and the choices he's made to serve his country. God Bless the USA!

Mom, Kalla, and Cody in front of the laser tag building out in Colorado the night before Cody left to Afghanistan :( We had a blast and we all ganged up on Cody during one of the games and won! Boo ya!

4th of July Lego Races! A Packer family tradition that takes place every year right in front of Mom and Papa Packers house in Santa Clara. Everyone puts together a car lego that will fit a whistler in them (which runs as the engine). Willy won for the third year in a row (and he makes sure to rub it in)....See if you can spot the winner!......2nd one from the left
Happy 25th Birthday! I know deep down they loved their b-day hats I bought them :) They were just too cute to pass up

Willy and I at an old church out in Beaver. We just got done riding horses all day with Mr. Beau! It was so much fun and Willy and I both nearly fell off our horses when we attempted running. We are so not cowboys!

He refuses to cut it until he gets a deer! And this picture was taken a month ago! See what I mean by an adventure? ha ha......

The 'big day'....or the day I realized I was doomed for the rest of my life :) ha ha...he is the biggest goof ball and is getting worse by the day so it's been an adventure since day one.